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Tattoo of skull: meaning and origin

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Tattoos are a very interesting way to decorate your body. But it's not enough to just choose a design that you like. It is necessary to know what your tattoo indicates. After all, self-confident symbols can have both positive and negative effects on your health and life in general. Therefore, in this next article, I suggest you consider the meaning of a skull tattoo.

What does a skull tattoo mean?

The skull works as a tattoo, which causes people to have a lot of different emotions. In general, the characteristic of a tattoo skull relates to danger, death, and awareness of the transience of human existence. In most cases, everyone is baffled by somewhat similar topics, although not everyone wants to discuss this.

Besides, the tattoo with the skull symbolizes the truth, the bitter truth, capable of destroying and killing everything over time. It can also symbolize tolerance and sacrifice.

This appointment came to us from the beginning of Christianity. According to one ancient tradition, when Jesus Christ died on the cross, his blood flowed across the cross and the earth and fell into the skull of Adam, who was the first man on earth. Thanks to this, with his death Jesus was able to atone for the sin committed by Adam and Eve.

It is for this reason that all crucifixion icons below the cross show a skull with crossed bones - Adam's tomb.

In parts of Buddhist religious organizations, skulls are used as a mantra designed as a regular reminder of the sanctity of human life.

The ancient Celts, traveling almost throughout Europe, believed that the eternal soul of man was stored in the skull. As a result, there was a tradition of preserving the skulls of prominent members of the tribe, famous warriors and treating them very carefully. It was believed that a person with a skull of someone adopts the strength and grandeur of the deceased.

So far we just looked at older versions of the interpretation of the skull tattoo. Now, let's move on to reviewing modern versions.

The value of prison tattoos

The value of prison tattoos

This tattoo made by the prisoners is of particular importance. Generally speaking, such a tattoo for those in places of deprivation of liberty, indicates that they are entering the circle of thieves, or indicates some kind of authority.

Most skull tattoos are chosen by well-known personalities who have been in a colony.

What is the meaning of tattoos in men?

meaning of tattoos in men

It should be noted that skull tattoos have universal value and most of them differ in their general meanings for both sexes. Differences in drawings with skulls can be only in the different shapes of the images, as well as in the parts of the body on which they are located.

In particular, representatives of the strong half like to put skulls on fire themselves or black skulls that do not have auxiliary parts.

It is also common for men to see tattoos depicting a skull with crossed bones (serving as a symbol of ancient piracy). In ancient times, only individuals with a relationship to crime could have similar tattoos on their bodies. But over time, the meaning of the symbol changed, and it began to denote death to a greater degree and everything related to it.

Individuals who seek to tattoo with skulls on their bodies have repeatedly been able to look at or face death by the will of fate. The received impressions or thoughts about eternity could impose on a person such a deep imprint that he had a desire to capture the face of death on his body.

In some cases, the skull tattoo symbolizes the victim. Therefore, the image is often chosen by men belonging to a certain subculture or movement, which causes the image to appear mainly on the back and shoulders. It should be noted that in such organizations, a tattoo with a skull is more likely to speak of openness and even of the ministry of death than to inspire fear.

What does a skull tattoo do in pretty ladies?

tattoo do in pretty ladies

Often, the fair sex chooses lighter and more beautiful forms of tattoos with skulls: decorated with flowers or accessories.

Among the most popular areas of the body for tattooing can be called the hips, lower back, or shoulders. The tattoo of the particular plan will indicate a dream to live forever, forever young and attractive.

If a snake is crawling from an eye in a skull tattoo, then this means that such a tattoo personifies the wisdom, experiences, and eternal life of your soul. Sanitary pads of this type are often performed when people experience some serious life disturbance and try to perpetuate their memory.

Once every year, the very strange festival, called the Festival of Death, is celebrated among the people of Mexico. This type of carnival involves the worship of death, as well as the celebration of the possibility of living in physical reality for some time, signifying respect for every living moment. In celebration, people paint their bodies with the help of a wide range of skull shapes.

Cultures of different countries

The first associations with a skull image for many people are danger, aggression, devastation, and death. For example, remember the pirate ships sailing under a flag decorated with the image of the crossbones. Nevertheless, this sign is not very embarrassing for all cultures; some people see it as a symbol of magical powers. Consequently, the meaning of the "skull" in this case is very positive. Interpretation alternative - difference, contrast. Many people believe that a person needs to have their skull filled in preparation for certain happenings that could change their life. This will help to reinforce the changes - for fixing the success that was achieved or to prevent problems in the future. However, in Latin American countries, skulls are considered to be unattractive. In the local culture, such an image is explained unequivocally: “Do not forget, death will come for you".

Tattoo of a skull with roses

The simplest way to find out about a tattoo? - Just ask the person who has it directly. Do not forget that the art of a tattoo involves self-expression as well as uniqueness. Consequently, all interpretations of particular designs can only be considered subjective. Although even a tattoo of a skull on the arm today can be found not only on brutal men but also among cute young girls. It is unlikely that these people will get a good tattoo and therefore they want to be courageous and aggressive. People certainly shouldn't be scared of skull pictures and prejudices against people who are choosing this drawing for their own sake.

What is the meaning of the Mexican skull tattoo?

The Mexican skull is a symbol used in Mexico's Day of the Dead rituals, which represent life and protection from evil spirits.

The Mexican skull is one of the main symbols of the popular celebration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a traditional Mexican celebration that honors people who have died.

However, unlike the obsessive image conveyed by the skull in most other cultures, most of it Christian, the Mexican skull is colorful, ornate, and decorated with drawings of flowers.

For Mexicans, the Day of the Dead takes place between October 31 and November 2. Traditionally, during this period, it is believed that the dead return to the world of the living to visit their loved ones.

As a celebration, fabulous banquets are prepared, with music and artistic performances, with the Mexican skull being one of the most usual symbols of parades.

During Dia de Los Muertos, people often take to the streets wearing costumes or makeup from Mexican skulls, especially among women and represent the character of La Catrina, the " Lady of Death " - the skeleton of a woman from high society, which reminds people of a time of social differences in Facing death.

The use of the skull as a sacred symbol was incorporated into Mexican culture through the influence of the Maya, Incas, and Aztecs (pre-Columbian peoples) who inhabited the region of Mexico.

For example, the Aztecs kept the skulls of their family and friends as trophies, believing that the head was the part where all the memories and good memories of the person who passed away were stored.

Variants of tattoos with their meaning

Variants of tattoos with their meaning

We have just understood a little about the meaning of tattoos in religion and also in each gender. So, let's move on to variations of skull tattoos with their meanings

Skull with flowers

The tattoo combines awe and beauty. What does this tattoo say? This will largely depend on the location of the headdress details:

There is a skull wrapped around a flower or plant next to it. It is a symbol of the loss of a loved one's unexpected death. The tattoo reflects sadness and deep sadness.

Rose in the teeth. He tells about the dangerous nature of his master. There is so much excitement in his blood, he wants to live an unlimited life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Tattoo skull and snake

Although a reptile symbolizes death, this skull tattoo will tell you about acquired wisdom and immortality in the soul. And the value of the skull tattoo will increase if the makeup of the snake shows crawling out of the eye.

Moreover, such a combination could indicate knowledge and intelligence. Many believe that such a tattoo can make its owner more effective and easily earn him a lot of money. But let me tell you, this is not always true.

A skull with a dagger sticking out

The value of such a tattoo will be one's death. She can also tell us about the readiness to commit any actions, especially unethical.

Skull with crow

Perhaps, the person who has performed such a tattoo tends to look more brutal than he actually is. Most likely, death does not frighten her at all, and she may become a source of death for others.

There is another meaning of such a tattoo - victory over enemies. Also, in a similar scheme, you can track the theme of grief and the loss of a loved one.

Skull and crown

It distinguishes a committed person who will not stop at anything if he wants to achieve what he wants. He is a winner in any fights.

Skull is on fire

It acts as a symbol of a bright character who cannot sit for a long time. This person is seen as a great adventurer.

Skull and watch

This tattoo is designed to stimulate you to contemplate just how crossed life is, which tends to come to an end and often unexpectedly. Many don't think even about it.

Therefore, such a tattoo serves as a kind of reminder that you should always remember about eternity.

Indian skull

For sure, the person who made such a tattoo is a person endowed with the power of nature and loves to exercise self-knowledge.

Sugar skull tattoo

Known as "Kalavera". It is a symbol of the eternal spirit.

The study of the value of tattoos is a very interesting and mysterious topic. You can find all the new interesting details of symbols that will help you better navigate the world of tattoo and body art.

Tattoo of a skull: what to remember ?

Tattoo of a skull

    We are at the end of this article through which we understood the origin and meaning of skull tattoos. I hope that all of the information described in this article has given you a brief overview of the meaning of the skull tattoo.

By the way, if you want to know a lot more about skull tattoos or the meaning of skulls I invite you to visit our blog.

Also if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments. It will be a pleasure for us to share with you our experiences regarding skulls and all that relates to them.

If you like the magnificent objects shaped in the head of a skull, then I invite you to discover these objects in our gallery.

I wish you good luck and see you next time😎

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