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The Anubis Ring - God of Death in Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian god of necropolises and embalming, Anubis is represented by a black canid, or like a man with the head of a dog. He is said to be the son of Osiris and Isis, or rather of his sister Nephthys who borrowed the appearance of Isis.

Give more value to your outfit by featuring it with this Anubis ring. High detailed, it highlihgts Egyptian symbols as well. When you wear it, you'll feel protection and luck as Anubis is an Egyptian God of Necropolises and Embalming. This ring has a supernatural power !

May Anubis ring bless your life !

  • High polished
  • Vintage 
  • Long lasting

"For an exhilarating rush to the enigmatic Egyptian flair, nothing surpasses the triumphant energy of our Anubis Ring. Amplified with ferocity and mysticism, the immortal heritage of this ancient god will be transmitted directly to you!"

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