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High quality of the uncontrollable Berserker Skull Ring

This skull ring not only adorns your hand but you'll feel its power everytime you wear it as well. Very high detailed, each part is well sculpted to give a 3D effect. People will notice your ring easily and they will know more of you thru it. 

Let this skull ring Berserker control your power !

  • High quality
  • Never fade
  • Different size

"The description of "berserkers" and "wolf skins" in the springs lies at the border between fantasy and reality, and it is difficult for us today to imagine that such people may have never existed, possessed of an uncontrollable destructive power. But they did it. Berserkers and wolf skins (also known as'pagan wolves') were a special group of highly skilled and dangerous warriors associated with the god Odin."

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