Skull Art, A Bonsai in a Skull ?

Maybe if we say "Memento Mori" you have no idea what we're talking about... but a little look at these bonsais and you'll understand very well.

"Memento Mori" comes from Latin and its meaning is "remember that you're going to die", that is, it's about living a fleeting life and enjoying the moment because it may well be the last one. The bonsais on these skulls refer to this phrase to remind us that life is here, and it's now!

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This is because one of the images that most represent death or the end of life are the flowers that have withered or fallen by the passage of time. Andrew tries to create scenarios like cemeteries. This attractive artistic innovation has attracted the interest of many people and is now shown in many bonsai museums around the world, but especially in Japan.

The creator of this wonderful work of art is Andrew Firth, an Australian who is currently dedicated to this. The name that receives this artistic expression is "Jack of the dust" these are not created from what you imagine. In fact the moulds of these skulls are made with 100% real skulls, but nevertheless the final products are made of PVC, i.e. plastic.

Each one of these creations is completely different because no one is used and all are hand made. Very laborious work, but it manages to come out with really fascinating articles.

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