Gothic Dress

Elegance guaranteed with a sumptuous gothic dress or skirt!

Stay elegant in all circumstances with a gothic skirt or dress

Tired of shapeless pants, and need to put your femininity back in its rightful place of honor? Crewskull not only gives you all the tools you need to achieve your makeover, with dresses and skirts of unreal beauty, but it also allows you to do so while remaining true to the 100% punk and gothic style that constitutes your identity!

For an evening or for every day, try the gothic dress or skirt

As pure and black as the deepest darkness of Hell, the gothic dress and skirt have every reason to seduce you and never leave you. The designers impose no limits on themselves and let their imagination run wild, which allows Crewskull to present you with a collection of extraordinary diversity.

On the skirt side, different elements such as rings, chains, laces or riveted bands lead to all kinds of fantasies: up to the knees or up to mid-thigh, the 100% cotton skirts of our store have no equal to fix your appearance and bring out the darkest and most hidden sides of your personality so complex! As for the dresses, they surprise and fascinate by the fineness of their cut and their degree of sophistication: translucent or veiled sleeves, laces, ribbons and other frills will never have seemed so deliciously demonic...

Superbly personalized garments, delivered in the shortest possible time

Will you be bold enough to try on an evening gown with a rock, biker or gothic inspired design? There's nothing like the satisfaction of displaying an illustration worthy of the greatest contemporary artists on your bust for all to see, and whose shimmering colors will quickly become the center of attraction for those present! Everything about the Little Grim Reaper is fresh, spontaneous and poetic: a proud lion in armor, a cat with glittering eyes, a fire-breathing dragon or two skeletons united in a loving embrace are some of the powerful symbols you can adorn yourself with right now!

Why hesitate? In addition to particularly low shipping costs and immediate shipment for orders placed before 4:00 pm, loyal customers of the store have fifteen days to return items that no longer suit them. What to consider your future purchase with serenity.