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Crewskull Workshop - Badass Necklace & Pendant 

A Large Selection of dark, Gothic, Skull & Mythological Necklaces and Pendants from our private workshop.

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Skull necklaces & pendants

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This collection of skull necklace and pendant is the perfect place to find a necklace for man or woman with the representation of a skull and crossbones we have several pieces with different styles mixing culture,Religion, passion, art & style and others... Come quickly discover what is hidden behind our dark and secret workshops

Gothic chokers for women

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Browse our selection of gothic Chockers for women its necklaces symbolizes your freedom and your femininity as obscure is such.

Wear its gothic necklaces has no meaning.. yourself know the reason.

Secret Collection, Our Necklaces inspired by Different Mythology, Culture, History, Movies and more.

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The secret place of our necklace area where you will find necklaces on Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, Greek mythology, with the pendants of the God Odin, Thor and his hammer Mjolnir, also the necklace with the head of Medusa or the necklace of Anubis.
You can also taste the flavor of the Pacific Islands with our Maori necklace inspired by tribal culture.
Your passion for wolves will also be satisfied with our wolf head necklaces.
For the darker souls, you will find demonic necklaces such as our satanic pendant and even darker.
Step into our workshop and see the depths of our ancient sailor spirit.