Skull Bracelets

Our selection of skull and crossbones bracelets for men and women

We offer a wide choice of skull bracelets for men and women to offer a gift. Are you looking for a timeless skull bracelet that combines originality and elegance? We invite you to discover our collection of skull rings for men and women. Both chic and trendy, our skull and crossbones bracelets fit all wrists and come in several patterns, materials and colours in a Gothic, rock, punk or biker style.

What does a skull bracelet mean?

Pirates seized the symbol to spread terror on the seas. The skull bracelet has become a symbol of rebellion, insubordination to rules, and even freedom. Those who wear a skull and crossbones are often feared and dreaded, they inspire fear and danger.

What does it mean when a man wears wrist skull bracelet?

Skull bracelets for men can sometimes be disturbing because they are often associated with death and negative images. It is often a symbol of rebellion, dating back to the pirate era and the famous pirate flag. The symbolism of the skull should not be taken lightly: it must be assumed.

  • Silver skull Bracelet 
  • Leather Skull Bracelet
  • Skull bracelet with natural stones or precious pearls
  • Skull bracelet stainless steel
  • Mexican skull bracelet
  • Strass skull bracelet, etc.

Original bracelets with a gothic, rock or gangsta spirit

The skull bracelet is the ideal jewel to complete your outfits and add a personal and unique touch for an extremely trendy, original and rebellious rock, motorcycle, punk and gothic style. The shapes of skulls or skeletons, both modern and bold, the brilliant or dark colours (gold, silver, yellow gold, navy blue, brown, black leather...) and the original motifs combine their powers to bring a mysterious air. Whether it is a steel bracelet or a silver bracelet, natural stone or semi-precious stone, black or rhinestone pearl with one or more skull motifs, fancy bracelet or rigid bracelet, this lucky charm will be an excellent trendy gift idea that will suit both a man and a woman. In addition, all creative and original skull bracelets are offered with a very good price/quality ratio, as is our collection of skull rings, skull earrings or skull necklaces. Feel free to indulge yourself!