All about Skull Tattoo

No (necessarily) need to be a bad boy or Girl to get a skull tattoo! Versatile to wish, this timeless design can adapt to your desires, read on.

Meaning of a skull tattoo

If the mere sight of a skull makes some people very uncomfortable, others do not hesitate to have a skull tattooed on their body. A way to accept the inevitable end that awaits us and to make the most of life while waiting for this outcome common to all. 

Examples of skull tattoos

You can thus opt for a rather feminine skull tattoo, by associating it, for example, with a rose, alone or in a bouquet, or with a butterfly.


Together, these motifs will symbolize an ability or a will to renew oneself, a new start in life, or the balance between life and death.

The skull can also be represented in floral motifs, in colors, for an interesting contrast between the theme and its representation.

Still in this ultra colorful vein, the Mexican skull, also called calavera, and emblematic of the Day of the Dead, particularly celebrated in Mexico and the Southwestern United States, is becoming increasingly popular, with a very old school result much appreciated - this traditional American tattoo that honors bright colors and shadows.

.These Mexican skulls can also be chosen as a couple tattoo, with a more feminine skull and another more masculine one, with for example a hat added above the skull.

Other versions may be more appreciated by men, such as an ultra-realistic trompe-l'oeil and black and white pattern, sometimes very complex, or a tattoo playing on the imagery of the pirate with crossbones and the bandana, to highlight a certain spirit of irreverence.

Another idea for a skull tattoo: a skull adorned with an Indian headdress to perhaps pay homage to this culture that attracts you so much, while representing a certain spirituality.


Beware, however, of cultural appropriations that could be misunderstood.
To further support the notion of time passing, feel free to add a motif such as a clock or a watch, placed around the skull or next to it.

You can also choose a style that you particularly like and ask your tattoo artist for a tribal skull tattoo or a watercolor tattoo, both of which are becoming increasingly popular.

Where to get a skull tattoo?

The location chosen will obviously depend on the size of your skull tattoo.


A fairly large model will be highlighted on the upper back, arm, forearm, or calf and thigh, while a smaller skull tattoo will find its place anywhere:

on the nape of the neck, inside the wrist, and even on the back of the hand for the most passionate among you.

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