Calaveras, 4 Secrets About The Mexican Skull

The Mexican eats tortillas, lots of tortillas. Too many, some would say. He wears moustaches and a big hat. What are his moustaches for? Nothing, except to embellish his person. His big hat, called a sombrero, protects him from the terrible sun. The years pass until the day when his body and soul agree on only one thing: breaking up.


Then the Mexican dies, and he doesn't make a big deal out of it. After all, this is the chance to stop making tortillas and enjoy the shade.

Calaveras Secret n*1

"The Mexican's indifference to death is fed by his indifference to life. »


This sentence is that of Octavio Paz, a great Mexican writer who, suspiciously, did not wear a moustache or a sombrero. It should be noted that this unfortunate carelessness did not prevent him from being ambassador of Mexico, from receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature and finally dying like any self-respecting Mexican.

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Calaveras Secret n*2

No Funeral Head For The Day Of The Dead.


From indifference to relaxation or even distraction, there is only one step. In Mexico, November 2 - Day of the Dead (dia de los muertos) - is not a sad day when people gather in front of the graves of their dearly departed, making a funeral face. The whole family arrives at the cemetery in good spirits, their arms full of food and flowers. Did the deceased like tacos, tequila, cigarettes? They give him all that. Did he play in a mariachi? We bring him his trumpet. You can see that death has its good sides.

N*3 Thing To Know About The Calaveras

La Calavera, It's The Party, Because In Mexico, Nothing is More Alive Than Death.


Around the pictures of the dead, candles are burned all night long. Their light guides the souls to their families. And because in Mexico nothing is more alive than death, we celebrate. Sometimes we drink tequila, mezcal or cerveza without moderation. We sing, dance and eat calaveras, those brightly colored sugar skulls. Very appetizing.

Calaveras Secret n*4

Do Not Eat Calavera.


Beware, the calavera is not necessarily edible. In addition to the advisers, it inspires ceramists, skull jewelryskull rings, designers, tattoo artists... That's why it has a big head.

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