How to make a skull makeup?

Or how to be the prettiest girl on Halloween...

Only a few weeks left before we can get out the disguises and make up for Halloween! Discover in a few steps how to make a super stylish skull and crossbones make-up.

How to make a skull makeup

Halloween is coming up and this year you're dying to do a skull and crossbones makeover. Very trendy on Halloween, it can sometimes be perceived as difficult to draw and even more so when you have to do it yourself. No more pumpkins, witches or ghosts, this time it will be a skull and crossbones! Invite a few friends to get ready together and make up among yourselves. It's easier to make up than to do it yourself. And if you're on a very girly make-up, nothing prevents you from changing the colours, from doing only the top part or from doing only one side of the face for an even stranger look. It's up to you to adapt this make-up to your taste!

Essential material for your skull makeup.

After checking that you are not allergic to make-up, here is the list of essentials to have for your skull make-up.

  • A mirror
  • Several brushes (thin for contours, thick for filling)
  • A black pencil and/or eyeliner
  • Tissues (useful if it overflows)
  • A sponge
  • A container of water
  • A cardboard plate
  • The colours you wish to apply

Step 1: the face

Before starting make-up, tie your hair back well. Cover your face in white with the sponge to obtain the "pale" complexion of the skulls.

Step 2: the eyes

Then draw 2 circles around your eyes with a black eye pencil. Embellish them if you wish with a nice line of black eyeliner. Fill the inside of the circles with black at the ends and coloured (here purple and pink) on the inside. For a gradient effect, don't hesitate to mix the colours in the cardboard plate provided for this purpose. 

Step 3: the nose

Make your nose all black with a small notch on the top. Below the pink circles around the eyes, make 2 black lines on the nose, going up to the ears. Reproduce the same line in very light grey to give a more faded effect.

Step 4: Lower face

Colour your lips with red or pink lipstick and then line them with vertical black lines using a fine brush, black pencil or eyeliner. Make 2 black lines from the ends of your mouth to the middle of your cheeks. Then draw rounded shapes as on the model. If you want to play on the shadows, blur the black with a fine brush or add touches of grey on either side of the black lines. On the chin, draw pretty flower petals and fill them with pink make-up.

Step 5: the forehead

Once the bottom of the face is finished, draw with a fine brush pink circles around the eyes and a heart in the middle of the forehead. Paint small arabesque patterns at the top of the forehead as shown above. Around the heart, using a very fine brush or eyeliner, make tiny black dots. For decorations in general, you can completely change the colours or shapes.

Final touches

Wait a few minutes for the make-up to dry before removing your hair. There's nothing prettier than a wreath of flowers in your hair to embellish your make-up. To go further, put a few cobwebs in your hair, some skull and crossbones or spider jewellery and you're done! And for a head-to-toe theme, opt for a black dress, tights and boots.

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