Why Make A Skull Tattoo? Make Your Choice Today!


The skull is treated by the unknowing bad and arrogant, but this idea seems to be wrong if you analyze the situation well.

 skull tattoo

Sometimes there is an image on the packaging of some products that dictates that these products are toxic but despite this, tattooers go for it to get a skull tattoo to stand out from the crowd.

skull tattoo

The skull was once the mark of the pirates, so nowadays this reflection remains as an idea of symbol of power and strength. The skull was also once used to categorize a catacomb.

skull tattoo

They are a kind of cemetery of antiquity. Tattooing a skull can also become a talisman to fight against death. It gives to death the fate of fatality as well as the short quality of life.

skull tattoo

The skull is currently one of the most used tattoo models and it is very popular thanks to its meanings and morbid representations.

 skull tattoo

The skull and crossbones can be represented in tattoos with unique and personalized styles.

skull tattoo

The meaning then remains variable and depends on the place to place it. The skull also gives the image of strength and transient life, it is bold and symbolic for your body.

You are therefore invited to choose the skull and crossbones for any future tattoo.


It is your choice whether or not to get a skull, but for more information, you will know the real reason for tattooing an individual.

 skull tattoo butterfly

You can tattoo a skull and crossbones to express yourself and assert your own identity, your style. Some people therefore have their own belief on the subject and have taken it as a model of inspiration.

 small skull tattoo

So a skull tattoo is a tattoo that shows your own vision and your own value in the eyes of others.

 moon skull tattoo

The tattoo can also become a decorative symbol for your skin and can be placed anywhere, but the arm is the most appreciated by tattoo artists.

skull rings

 flower skull tattoo

You can therefore conclude that the skull and crossbones tattoo is a decorative element that embellishes the body especially if it is accompanied by color, flower or other styles.

 skull tattoo

The skull tattoo is sometimes a symbol that reminds you of belonging to a group such as bikers or others.


The old school skull are the simplest because the design does not represent too much precision or decoration.

 gangster skull tattoo

For a biker, it has the role of protecting the follower from death. For bikers, it is an image of strength and rebellion.

 cat skull tattoo

This type of tattoo remains for them an emblem of vital energy. The skull and crossbones tattoo also shows that the wearer accepts death and does not make it a taboo.

 knife skull tattoo

The wearer is not afraid of death and what it can represent. So this tattoo model is very inspiring no!

Tattoos that include both a skull and a rose often denote the contrast of life and death, or beauty and decadence.


A symbol of duality, the skull and rose tattoo reminds the wearer of the contrast between good and evil and the balance of these philosophies in life.

Recently gaining in popularity, skull tattoos are often the choice of women. These skulls may have heart-shaped eyes, pink or purple bows and other traditionally feminine features.


This type of tattoo is often chosen when a couple wants to have matching tattoos and a skull is preferred.

Regardless of the meaning of a skull tattoo, the risks are that others may misinterpret them. When choosing a skull tattoo, be prepared to explain what it means to you repeatedly to curious onlookers.


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