No matter the month of the year, you can enjoy Vanessa Davis' gorgeous death's-head makeup on her Instagram 365 days a year. The London make-up artist doesn't limit the beauty of her cool work to the Halloween season. She also adds some glitter, neon paint, and intricate designs to take her makeup to another level. Her skull inspired creations are anything but basic. Each one has themes like butterflies, lace or mermaid tears. Of course, this has earned her an appropriate nickname: "The Skulltress". More than a million people follow her on Instagram to see what scary skull makeup she will come out with.

Vanessa says her original inspiration was a last-minute Halloween party at a London club in October 2015. She didn't have a costume ready, so she painted half a skull on her face. She also says that she was approached and photographed non-stop throughout the evening. This coincided with the opening of an account on Instagram @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager. She knew that successful makeup accounts specialize in a particular style or subject, so she chose skulls. She also says that she is fascinated by the way skulls are represented in fashion, art and tattoo art.


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