The Meaning of Skull Bracelets

The Skull Bracelet is one of the elegant accessories that adorn the wrists of men and women. Its history goes back to ancient Egypt.

Then, these skull Bracelets were made in various materials such as leather or metal; they were worn by women as well as men. They strengthened the health of their owner, protected them from evil spirits and gave them strength.

These bracelets remain present throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and are now one of the most sought-after men's jewelry. Like other accessories, wearing skull bracelets is a way to express oneself. It shows your sense of style and taste, so buying a skull bracelet that suits you is a serious matter.

Never before have men had such limitless possibilities as now to experiment with wrist accessories. While the wider the choice, the greater the responsibility, you need to know which designs and materials fit your personality and lifestyle.

The most common models of Skull Bracelets

We all know that fashion is not constant, that it changes from day to day. Therefore, designers are deploying treasures of imagination to create skull and crossbones bracelet designs that are in vogue for the current season.

We believe that real bracelets for men should be, if not conservative, at least timeless. That's why we offer skull and crossbones bracelets for men, which will not go out of fashion in the next season. We believe that real skull and crossbones bracelets for men should be, if not conservative, at least timeless. That's why we offer the best models of skull bracelets for men, which will not go out of fashion in the next season.

What to look for:

an accessory in the form of a large silver chain. A nice option is a model that combines two different metals, such as gold and silver.

What it says about you:

it indicates a certain loyalty and conservatism towards trust, tradition and stability. Most appropriate if you are a trusted friend and a man attached to his family.

Goes well with it:

you can combine it with skull rings made of the same metal. 

Silver Skull Bracelet

What to look for:

glider bracelet with rectangular or square elements, laced with black enamel, transparent or black stones, or without any kind of decoration.

What it says about you:

these bracelets are usually selected by seasoned professionals, solid people, and good organizers. If you're ambitious, disciplined or even a little bossy and like to add a little spice to your look, this glider man skull bracelet is an accessory of choice.

It goes well with it:

if you want to add a little spice to your casual look, then maybe you should give up any idea of adding another piece of jewelry. Let an accessory as important as this one remain the only element of your look.

Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet

What to look for:

a smooth, solid and wide Cuban bracelet.

What it says about you:

it presents you as a man who keeps the balance between modern and classic. It keeps you looking both casual and elegant at the same time. You respect the rules but you value your freedom.

It goes well with it:

if you wear a silver bracelet, especially a solid bracelet, your other accessories, from skull  rings to skull earrings and buckle belt, should have the same style and color. 

Leather bracelet with skull

What to look for:

a sturdy, high-quality lace in brown or black leather. With its beautiful silver ornaments, the leather gains a matt elegance and harmonizes with all clothes.

What it says about you:

you don't wait for success and happiness to fall from the sky. You always take the bull by the horns.

It goes well with:

such a bracelet can go well with a weakly woven cord, a leather necklace, and in general with any watch.

Skull Bead Bracelets

What to look for: You can find pearl bracelets, made of various materials such as precious stones, wood, semi-precious stones, etc. But I recommend that you check our extensive collection of pearl bracelets.

What it says about you: you lead a healthy life, you love nature and you are a down-to-earth person. You have the idea of a well-balanced person who has his or her own opinion on everything.

This goes well with it: these bracelets go perfectly with similar items, so feel free to wear several bracelets on the same wrist. You can also add a pair of leather items.

How to mix Skull bracelets with other accessories

Do not exaggerate with accessories. A set of men's jewelry (tie, cufflinks, necklace, clip, watch, ring, etc.) will not be suitable for an everyday look. Your charisma will seem more assertive and your look more refined if you don't wear more than 2 or 3 items.

If you want to combine different bracelets for a more casual look, always pay attention to their compatibility. Accessories made of the same material or color will look better than a mix of colors.

Combining a bracelet with a watch

In today's modern fashion, you can easily pair a bracelet with a watch on the same wrist; however, they must be compatible from a design point of view.

Some models of bracelets are thinner than a watch strap. It is also a good idea to match the materials. For example, a bracelet with leather elements goes well with a leather watchband.

But if your watch has a metal bracelet, it is better to choose an accessory with decorative inlays of the same metal. Also make sure that the colors of the metal elements coincide. As an option, you can completely complement a black leather strap watch with a black beaded bracelet.

Now all you have to do is find out how to match your men's bracelets to look good. If you are looking for a superior quality bracelet to complete your look, then check out our skull and crossbones bracelet creations. We have a wide range of leather and silver bracelets with amazing designs, made for serious men as well as the most daring men. 

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