The Prophecy Of The 13 Crystal Skulls...

According to an ancient prophecy, "When the 13 crystal skulls are pulled together, all the wisdom they contain will be released and a new era will begin. "These skulls really exist and according to the legend, they were inherited by the "Mayas" from the "Atlanteans", before their world disappeared.

The "Mayans" separated them and distributed them all over the planet, hoping that one day they will all be together again. There are also other versions that attribute its construction and power, to the Maya themselves.

skull rings

Of the 13 skulls, most of them have already been found, maybe even more than 13 (some could be fake reproductions), and are in museums or private collections. Of course, the best known is the one called "la calavera del destino" ("the skull of destiny").

This skull was found in 1924 by the daughter of the famous archaeologist and adventurer F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, when she accompanied her father on an expedition to Labaanton (Belize). She was playing under a ruined temple when she saw a ray of light coming out of a skull. When she pulled it out, the 300 Native workers who worked there knelt before her.

The Mitchell Hedges familly

How could one build something so perfectly sculpted, in such a fragile material, and without using a modern technique? They were built from a single block of quartz from a place thousands of kilometers away (Brazil), one cannot appreciate tool marks or scratches, and if the piece would have been worked with sand (polishing), which is the most plausible, the process would have taken about 300 years. They were also attributed other qualities such as that their temperature always remained constant at 21C, or that they could emit an ominous glow from the eye orbit.

Science has rejected most of these theories and asks to be on the alert for possible frauds. According to rigorous studies, the skulls were constructed using a technique that existed in the 19th century, which was "as if by chance" the century in which they were discovered.

Reality or myth? Should we put the 13 skulls together and see what happens?


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  • Karma

    May I ask how you acquired them? I would love to hear what you have found out about them.

  • rivir

    You’re right about the skull projecting time stamps and dates. I can read the code. It’s called the divine code. Its suppose to be unreadable but I can read it like I’m reading the abc. Please could you send me the numbers the skulls are generating through you and I will read the cypher for you and report the messages back to you.

  • rob prez

    i have been studying crystal skulls for years and i have projected a source into one of these skulls and its incredible. i dont know who to contact call but this skull projects dates numbers and other things i dont know about? its like a time table and i think some people would love to see study this stuff????? i dont know who to call where to go but this is very interesting. i have 5 skulls and 2 project info with my set-up

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