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Skull Art - - By : Crewskull Workshop

Skull Art, 100 Giant Skulls in a Museum

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Australian artist Ron Mueck, famous for his hyperrealist works, presented an exhibition called "Mass" consisting of 100 giant skulls as part of the triennial of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.


These imposing skulls seep into the galleries, all ingeniously placed in a seemingly chaotic mass.
According to the artist, this monumental and immersive installation is inspired by the bones of the catacombs of Paris, and hopes to question not only our identity, but also the notion of eternity present in all cultures and religions.

Mueck, renounces the details with which he decorates his well-known hyperrealist sculptures, concentrating on what remains long after our bodies have decomposed.
And with this, the contemporary sculptor interprets the Memento Mori, the medieval Christian theory and the contemplation of the mortal condition that has fascinated artists, from 17th century sculptors like Bernini to painters like Picasso.
The exhibition has exactly 100 fiberglass and resin skulls, each with a height of about one meter, and the exhibition makes a total of 5.5 Tons.


The visitors are really small next to this work, and it is not easy to avoid the contradiction between the beauty of its form and the intensity of its meaning.

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