Recently, we discovered the work of Gustavo Rimada on the Internet and it didn't take long to realize the quality of this Mexican artist by visiting his works, so varied and of such quality.

Gustavo Ridama Artwork

  Born in Mexico in 1981, he is the youngest of four  brothers and sisters and he tells us that from his time in Mexico, where he lived for a few years, he remembers above all the fact that he was always drawing. At the age of seven, his parents decided to move to California. In Mexico, his parents worked in the legal and medical fields, but when they came to the United States, they had to start from scratch like many other families who came to the country. Gustavo says these were difficult times, but he has gained a lot of courage for the future.



Gustavo Ridama ArtworkRaised in California, he eventually graduated from high school and decided to move to Santa Monica to study computer animation. While he was in school, the tragedy of September 11th struck, and he decided to join the army, a few weeks later he was already in training camp. During three years in the army, art became secondary. He used to draw everywhere, but nothing serious. It wasn't until two years after the army that he returned to the world of art.
Soon after, he started working in a tattoo parlour. 
Gustavo Ridama Artwork

The world of  tattooing inspired his work, giving him a new life and a new passion. According to Gustavo himself, the tattoo industry has greatly influenced his designs. After a few years in the art world, he says that with each design he learns something new, and brings maturity and growth. He considers himself a work fanatic and says he loves what he does. According to him, he lives and breathes art 24 hours a day.

We advise you to visit his website and his instagram but you can also enjoy below some of his beautiful drawings.


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