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We present you with a large choice of models that you would like and that you would proudly wear on your fingers. Rings in silver, yellow, black...browse our collection to find the perfect silver skull ring for every occasion.

What Does Wearing a skull Ring Mean?

Skull rings remind us of rock stars and bikers with their skull leather jackets and tattoos. However, the fashion for skull rings started before Keith Richards even started wearing them on stage. Although it has become his signature, he can't be credited with being the one who started this fashion. Centuries ago, Tibetan monks, Herodotus and Plato considered this skull jewelry as a symbol of power. Today, having become a fashion item in its own right, it is nothing new that the skull ring brings out masculinity and inspires bravery, courage, power and strength. The wearer feels like a man of power. It also reminds others that you are a dedicated, committed, faithful and loyal person to your community, your family and your way of life.

The silver skull ring is also about class, luxury and fashion. To be stylish or to look cool and trendy, it is your fashion ally. Its plus is that it adapts to many styles, from the most modern to the most traditional. Indeed, a worn-out silver skull and crossbones ring can accompany an all black outfit: jacket, shirt, fabric pants, tie and belt with silver buckle. A large gothic ring set with gemstones as eyes can go with a long black skirt and a simple t-shirt, or even a corset for the more daring. Head-of-death rings will also give you a rocker touch even with traditional clothes.

From elegance to pleasure, express your unique style with our silver skull rings and show everyone the true power of strength. Highlight your personality and don't be afraid to show your passion.


If you're a person who has a soft spot for rings, if you're the provocative type, you like to shock and stir things up? At, you've come to the right place! Whether you are a man or a woman, our collection of Crewskull rings will look like a real pirate treasure. is the perfect place to stock up on bony skull jewelry.

In order to satisfy you, we have carefully selected rings of high and first quality in terms of material and ornament. You will appreciate our rings that are resistant, durable, solid, luxurious, well worked and well sculpted. Indeed, all our skull rings are, for the most part, made of quality stainless steel and sterling silver with clean and neat finishes. They have been crafted with attention to detail and polished to perfection. Before being released for sale, all our rings have been tested to ensure that they contain no trace of nickel. We guarantee the purity of our deadhead rings.


From the most basic steel to bone skulls shaped with gold, make your selection from our wide collection! Let yourself be seduced by our original rings with the latest trends. 

Skull rings, whether for men or women, are, in general, large and massive and would be easily perceptible. Whether you are more of a classic, biker, gothic or rock look, wear our Silver skull rings to be distinct from the others. At you will find hundreds of different, more innovative and attractive ring models to suit your tastes and desires.


As for the size, we have all the dimensions. We help you choose the ideal size so that your ring does not slip off your fingers.

A little tip: Ring sizes are often in mm. At, we also specify the circumference as well as the diameter when ordering. If you don't know your size, unless you have a ring maker, we recommend a simple and efficient method to measure your jewelry.
  • Tie the thinnest possible piece of string (for example, sewing thread) around the finger you want to wear your ring on.
  • Then draw a straight line on the string.
  • At the end, measure the distance from the drawn line and you will get your circumference in millimeters. If your measurement is for example 60 mm, your size will be "60/19".
Take the time to measure your ring accurately, make sure that the size of your ring is exact so that you don't make a mistake when ordering.


This time, to please the greatest number of people, we offer our silver skull rings at discounted prices. Take advantage of up to 50% discount on our quality items. You can buy one from 19.99$. The most expensive one costs 90$ (PIRATE SILVER SKULL RING).

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On, dress your fingers with stylish rings: the skull and crossbones rings. Trendy jewelry, whose attention to detail borders on art.

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