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Skull Necklace & Pendant

Symbols are also one of the sources of inspiration for art. Whether used by rockers, hipsters, gangsters or lovers of the Gothic style, skull and crossbones jewelry is one of the most sought-after figures in fashion today. Whether the purpose is to make it as a gift or for personal use, many people buy and use the skull necklace as an adornment to accompany their clothing.

What does the skull and crossbones mean? What symbols do they express as ornaments? Discover in this article everything there is to know about the skull necklace.

Skull necklace for men and women

Of all the symbols used in the field of fashion or simply in all fields of life, this image of a bare skull, with gaping orbits, to always remind anyone who sees it of death. Throughout the ages, the skull and crossbones has always found a place in the artistic field and has always been the source of inspiration for many artists.

The skull necklace has almost always been used in fashion to denounce human vanities. To remind anyone who has forgotten that human life is in vain and that everyone is called to die.

Meaning of Skull Necklace 

Today more than ever, the skull necklace is part of the rock and gothic aesthetic. The skull and crossbones necklace perfectly represents this rebellious value that crosses the world from one side to the other nowadays. These skull necklaces, regardless of their color, are perfect for rock or gothic enthusiasts.

Skull & Crossbones Pirate Necklace 

With the pirates, the skull and crossbones were used to spread terror on land and sea. The skull and crossbones has thus become a symbol of rebellion, insubordination to the rules, and even freedom. Those wearing skulls are often feared and dreaded, they inspire fear and danger.

Skull Necklace for a Gift?

You can offer yourself or your loved ones a skull and crossbones necklace without regret. The skull and crossbones necklace is used as a symbol of pirates, to symbolize anarchy, rebellion against everything that is uncomfortable in life. You will find on Crewskull, necklaces of various materials and in various shapes. You can take advantage of this opportunity to find a trendy necklace that respects your personality and beliefs.

Where to Find a Skull Shop Near me, Buy a Skull Necklace?

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