Ghost Rider

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The Perfect Skull Ring for a Real Biker !

Biker lover ? Here is the perfect ring for you ! Forged out in the image of a biker riding his motorcycle, what is more intersting is the way it's shaped. This skull ring  wheeling is to show off how much you love it till death. 

Enhance your look by punching a skull ring wheeling !

  • Antique
  • Top material
  • Comfortable wearing

"If you consider yourself a biker, but you don't already have a biker ring, then my friend, I have news for you. You're in trouble!

On the other hand, it's a simple correction, and I'm sure your old lady would approve an addition as impressive as this Ring in your collection

This passion for motorcycles and rings, this rumbling of challenge, is a nod to all your fellow motorcycle fans, represent them without fear, share your passion."

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