KEITH RICHARDS SKULL RING ( Real 925 Sterling Silver)

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Be as classy as Keith Richards with this authentic 925 silver skull ring from the guitarist of the Rolling Stones band.

Looking for buy the keith Richards Skull Ring ? wait ! look The story of the ring!

The history of the silver Keith Richards' skull ring dates back to 1979, when the famous London jewellers David Courts and Bill Hackett worked on a silver sculpture depicting the human skeleton in miniature. Using a real skull as a sample, they carved a perfect replica. Once the skull was finished, the jewellers had the idea to create an identical ring. So they created an original silver ring in the shape of a skull.


The jewelers were close friends of Keith Richards. When they soon received an invitation from a musician to a birthday party, the jewelers had no doubt that the silver ring would be a wonderful gift.

On December 18, 1979, Keith Richards turned thirty-six years old. The musician greatly appreciated a gift from David Courts and Bill Hackett. He immediately put the silver ring on the skull at the party and after that, his look could not be imagined without this accessory.

keith richards skull ring

Keith Richards is not the only celebrity who likes to wear a skull ring To learn more about other celebrities, we wrote an article on the 


This 1979 New York party was marked by another event that affected the musician's life. Keith Richards met his future wife there. She was a twenty-two year old model named Patty Hanson, a blonde with bright flowers, beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. 


The couple married exactly 4 years later, on December 18, 1983. They have two daughters and remain happy even after 35 years of marriage.

The ring may have contributed to this happiness. It has long been known that many bikers use skull-shaped jewelry to protect themselves from danger and hardship. Musicians, of course, do not risk their lives in the same way as steel riders, but their lives are full of temptations and adventures of a different kind. Many people didn't think Keith Richards would turn 40 because of his turbulent lifestyle. Nevertheless, the rocker is already over 70 years old and he's still not going to retire.

For the musician, the SKULL JEWELRY has become more than just an ornament. As the great rocker believes, it symbolizes the inner beauty of a person that takes precedence over his appearance. Here's what Keith Richards himself says about it:


 "The skull - it has nothing to do with bravado and surface bullshit. The beauty is deep. That's what we all look like under the flesh, brother. Take off the hair, take off the skin, you look at the me and me".

What made the Skull ring even more mysterious was the fact that the jewelers decided to make it in one piece. The original ring is made of solid silver 925. It bears a real quality guarantee stamp of the courts and Hackett, the date, the materials used and the country of origin.


Although jewelers have refused to produce duplicates, you can still adorn your image with this cult accessory. Here at CrewSkull, we treat the work of Courts and Hackett with great respect, and as a tribute, we have created our version of the Keith Richard ring. In implementing our ideas, we have respected the proportions of the original to preserve its appearance and the spirit of rock'n'roll.

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Careful details for this Keith Richards skull ring :

  • Authentic Keith Richards Desing Ring
  • Authentic Solid 925 Sterling Silver)
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Does not cause any discomfort on your skin
  • Weight: 12 gr.

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