Sexy Skull Thong
Sexy Skull Thong
Sexy Skull Thong

Sexy Skull Thong

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  • 100% Brand New And High quality.
  • Materials: Spandex + Polyester + Lycra.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL 
  • Good Quality

    Attractive Sexy Skull Thong : Skull thongs are so last year.

    A sexy look can be achieved by wearing this Sexy Skull Thong. If you want to try different designs we have available them as well. Be a highlight wherever you go. For those of you who like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, this is the perfect accessory for you. This unisex skull thong is designed to be worn low on the hips, making it perfect for any and all body types. The elastic waistband is designed to stretch to fit your size, and the pattern is designed to look great on everyone. This thong is also a great option for those who are looking for a sexy underwear option for their partner. It is available in three different colors: black, red, and purple.

    lovely Sexy Skull Thong : Show off is so obvious

    This is the best place to find your Brazilian swimsuit because this sexy bikini comes in many styles with graphic, ethnic, or tropical prints. The possibilities are endless and the hardest thing will not be to choose the one that suits your morphology but the one you like the most.

    You can be proud to wear this lovely Sexy Skull Thong.

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    Get your Size for your Skull Ring

    If you are lazy and don't care which finger you wear your ring on:

    • Get a size 9 or 10, that's the average size 90% of men buy.
    • The most commonly purchased women’s ring size at is size 7.

    If you know your finger size or measurement (in mm), you can go directly to the  size chart. 

    Measure your finger with a string:

    1. Wrap a piece of string around your finger. Be sure to take into account the size of your joint.
    2. Using a pen, mark the point where the two ends of the string meet.
    3. Using the chart below, match the distance in cm between the meeting point you marked with the pen and the end of your string and your ring size!
     Ring Size
    Measured Length
    Measured Length
    2 -3/16
    2 - 5/16
    2 - 7/16
    2 - 9/16
    2 - 9/16
    2 - 11/16 68
    2 - 13/16 71
    2 - 15/16 74
    3 - 1/16 77.7875

    If you are really can’t find out what another other person’s ring size is then it might be useful to know that the average ring size for a man is 9 to 10 and the average ring size for a woman is 6 to 6.5. If you have no other way so finding out someone’s ring size and you have to make a guess, it is better to go to the upper end of your estimate so that at least the ring will fit on the person’s finger when you surprise them with your gift, even if the ring has to be made slightly smaller later on.

    In March 2008, CREWSKULL created its first Broken Skull Necklace in order to satisfy a tough friend, as a result of which more and more adventurers came to us, more and more risk takers, fearless, real rebels solicited our skills, and that's what CREWSKULLL was born from.
    Founded in the French countryside, in a remote corner, far from all civilizations and with a secret address, by a small united team, we were inspired by savages, rock legends, real eccentric jokers who proudly wore all kinds of skull ring, skull pendants, skull bracelets and talismans.
    We are rebels by nature, and it is with this passion, effort and love that each piece is forged; our craftsmen soak a piece of themselves in each unique design. Our goal is to make jewellery that stands out, stands out and attracts attention.
    Our hope is that when you first place one of our rings on your finger, or a pendant around your neck, you will feel stronger; a bigger tougher to cook than before.
    "We guarantee that each item in our collection is special and unique, no two rings or pendants are the same."
    ~ A lot of love
    The CREWSKULL team.