The Most Unexpected Celebrity Skull Tattoos

Real phenomenon of society, tattoos are everywhere and people love them. Discover our selection of the most unusual star tattoos.
More and more celebrities are getting tattoos. Discreet or more imposing, their tattoos are sometimes the most unusual.

While some celebrities choose a motif that has no particular meaning, others prefer to pay tribute to someone close to them, like Jenifer Aniston, who had the first name of her dead dog tattooed on her foot, or Melanie Griffith, who has her husband's first name (Antonio Banderas) on her arm.

Discover the unusual tattoos of these stars who dare to show their taste for body modification.

The ROCK, The Bull Skull Tattoo

Fromg Inked Mag The Rock Reveals Finished Skull Tattoo
The Rock Reveals Finished Skull Tattoo

Kelly Osbourne and her skull tattoo on each foot

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