Mexican Skulls, All About "Calaveras"

Mexican skulls are a popular choice among skull tattoo fans, and it's not by chance...

If you're interested in extreme sports, you can't have missed the famous Mexican skulls! The "Calaveras" (Click here for learn more) are represented in many colorful tattoos, and their success continues year after year. They have even become very trendy and we love them! But what do these famous skulls mean? The editorial staff has looked into the subject, and invites you to a little trip to Central America... Olé!

Who says skulls necessarily says... dead. In Mexico, "El dia de los muertos" was established in the 1920s by the nationalist governments resulting from the 1910 revolution. A mixture of Aztec tradition and All Saints' Day, a Christian feast brought by the Spanish conquistadors, the Day of the Dead is strongly symbolized by these "Calaveras". Indeed, every November 2nd, small sugar skulls ("Calaveras de dulce" or "Sugar skulls") are made to decorate the altars, serve as offerings and celebrate the dead in very festive ceremonies. These skulls were later taken up by the Americans in their old school skull tattoo representations. But not only that! For the anecdote, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Andy Warhol and William Shakespeare also used the image of the skull in their works. Without forgetting the famous Hells Angels logo or the famous pirate flag, constituted in the collective imagination by a skull and two crossed shins. Jack Sparrow, are you there?

The Day of the Dead


But then, why such a success in tattoos, besides the fashion effect? Well because Mexican skulls are stylish of course ! But let's see further: skulls reflect the "rebel attitude" and insubordination, the right to be different and it is perhaps not for nothing that many tattooed people have chosen this emblem. Adopting this tattoo is a way to assert oneself, to defend one's values and history, but also to provoke in view of its symbolic dimension. While putting a little fun and color on your skin! Because the Mexican skulls are far from being morbid, they are generally well perched and that's what we like...

Not convinced? Here is a selection of tattoos that should make you change your mind on the question...

calaveras tattoos

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