The Meaning of the Skull Ring and They are So Popular?

The origin and Meaning of the skull ring & Jewelry

Skull Ring is Also the fourteenth studio album by American rock singer Iggy Pop, released in November 2003. Every track on the album features guest performers. The performers are The Stooges, The Trolls, Green Day, Sum 41, and Peaches.

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We're just going to start this article on death-head rings with a quick introduction on rings and the first question that may come to mind, even if it's basic, what is a ring ?

Definition of a ring

The definition of a ring as more or less luxurious or expensive jewelry is done according to this description:

A ring is a jewelry item that is usually worn on the finger. In fact, it has the shape of a ring, more or less wide, set with or without stones and sometimes engraved.

the Skull ring as a symbol of belonging!

The western tradition of wedding rings (simple iron rings) goes back to Greece and then to ancient Rome.

The wedding rings are ... Depending on the period and the country, the wedding (or engagement) ring is worn on the right hand, on the left hand, on the ring finger and even on the thumb.

pirate skull ring

However, it was not always so, the ring on the index finger was the perfect place to place the rings of family and community emblems.

 authentic skull ring

Today, this type of ring is placed on the ring finger instead.

Symbol: The index finger symbolizes power and authority, as well as leadership.

Constitution of a skull ring

skull rings can be made of all kinds of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, bone and glass.

The oldest rings in history known to date have been dated as far back as 21,000 years ago. These rings were made of mammoth ivory.

mammoth skull

We have no historical record of mower or skull rings, but it is certain that they must appear fairly quickly in the history of rings. The importance of the skull is due to the representation of this body part in many European and Asian legends.

The importance of the skull is due to the representation of this part of the body in many European and Asian legends. We can therefore wear a skull ring in different sizes, materials and ornaments, since the jewelry must above all please, and arouse lust or fear.

skull rings

This category of skull rings is for those who are looking for a very masculine ring. All the rings in this category have a skull and crossbones design.

Fashion and Trend of the skull ring

The skull symbol is used throughout the fashion industry. Today, the skull is everywhere, from pendants to rings, clothing and tattoos.

style skull rings

If bikers have made it their emblem, they are no longer the only ones in this sector, Gothic fashion also borrows skulls for their jewelry or clothing.

skull rings

Fashion is not left out, and the pretty mom also likes to wear her skull leggings in the street or at the gym. The skull and crossbones trend is gradually taking hold in Fashion, design, on furniture, clothes, or skull and crossbones tattoos. We find it in shop windows etc.

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