Why do people like to wear skull ?

The world of fashion is bold and is not afraid of any controversy. Probably that is why, without hesitation, he took the motive of death into his arms and comforted it strongly. Today, ‘’wear skull garments” has become a real success in the fashion industry! And contrary to associations with passing away - he does not intend to leave his position.

One of the most popular death themes, apart from crossbones and skeletons, is of course the skull theme. This symbol has been on the top for many… centuries! Yes - for centuries, because it was already threatened in the Middle Ages! It is actually one of the main trends in the fashion world. The emblem, which lost its original meaning, gained in popularity among young men, young girls, adult men and women; let's say everybody. So let find out why do people like to wear skull garments ? That is what we are going to see through this article.

Wear skull garments: the younger generation declares their belonging to cultural movements

Since ancient times, the image of a skeleton, especially a skull, had a mystical meaning for dissimilar peoples and classes. A common interpretation is a symbol of mortality, the afterlife and the frailty of being. Some races viewed the skull as a place for spirit, vital intelligence, and energy flow. Crossbones, with a covering skull, is the most famous symbol that pirates attribute to themselves. Such a sign carries the opposite meaning: eternal immortality and the victory of life over the dark side of death.

Over time, the skeleton has become a significant part of the fashion world. Modern clothing with a youthful look is replete with skulls and bones. So, with the help of fashionable wardrobe details, the younger generation declares their belonging to cultural movements by wearing skull garments.

Wear skull garments: an otherworldly fashion

Standard skull garments come in a wide variety for both men and women. These are skull T-shirts, men's tailcoats, women's dresses with corsets, blouses, robes and other models of informal wardrobe clothes. The aesthetics of decadence are intertwined in skull garments - similar outfits are found in people of creative circles and those who love sophistication and individualism. Representatives of rock and metal music bands perform in such outfits, thanks to which ‘’wear skull garments’’ has gained massive popularity.

The punk-rock movement and the skull subculture are friendly today and many elements of the wardrobe are used by both the first and second representatives: black dresses and skirts, leather belts, harnesses, collars, caps and so on. Also, wearing skull garments is popular in the circles of rockers, informals, bikers and other lovers of a brutal image, in which the symbolism of skulls, crosses and the afterlife plays a significant role. Classic T-shirts with skulls and hoodies with skull symbols are eagerly sought after by fans of rock music.

Skull garments have an individual meaning

Most fashion brands use the style of the same name when creating skull clothing, which is expressed in gloomy images of parts of the skeleton, and dark colors. For each designer, wear skull garments: images of skeletons and skulls have an individual meaning. For some, clothes with skeletons symbolize death, which scares away competitors and enemies, for others - eternal life. The skeleton is a solid part of the human body and is stored longer in the ground, less prone to decomposition. This fact symbolizes the length of the human being.

Why do people like to wear skull ?

Wear skull garments: young boys and girls preference

Black color in clothes is gaining momentum in popularity, and parts of the skeleton are becoming top images on such products. Gloomy T-shirts with a skull can bring together different cultures and sectors of society: Goths, monks, emo, violent youth, pirates and rockers.

Mysterious skull symbolism has become popular in the styles of youth clothing for boys and girls. Today, on the street, there are glamorous girls who wear skull garments with prints that are characteristic of the afterlife, but they look bright and elegant. So the image of the skull is decorated with multi-colored rhinestones, colorful inserts of threads, stones shimmering in the light or holographic painting. But the brutal jackets with skulls are the favorite clothes of the biker guys. However, this type of clothing is loved by the masses, even those who do not belong to any movement.

Wear skull garments: female gender and Men preference

Perhaps the most popular type of clothing in the skull garments style is considered to be T-shirts with a skeleton , which men and women, boys and girls like to wear. Here, a characteristic feature is the image of a colorful skull, sometimes with the addition of bones, the dimensions of which vary depending on the model. The female gender prefers to wear skull garments with delicate prints: soft lines flowing into one another, made in colorful colors and with shiny inserts. Men wear skull garments by giving preference to brutal images: ominously smiling skulls, bloody bones in a standard color scheme.

Often, representatives of cultural movements choose their own individual attire. Skull garments are characterized by clothing with skulls made of dark fabrics, these are sweatshirts, jackets or hoodies. Prints are applied in the center of the product and stand out favorably against the dark tones of the original material. Accessories are used to complement the look:

  • black backpacks and bags;
  • fire print bandanas;
  • stylized baseball caps.

Such accessories can both scare away, and initially have to yourself. By them, you can easily determine the mood of a person, the state of the inner world and views on life.

Skull garments are also often pieces of interior decoration

Clothes, shoes, bracelets, rings and other jewelry, and tattoos. Skulls are also often pieces of interior decoration. We meet them in paintings, graphics or as gadgets (even with diamonds) or elements of home accessories. Both those inspired by people and animals after death are fashionable.

Even in the Scandinavian style, the motif of a deer skull appears regularly. Literally everything: bed sheets, slippers, pajamas, sweaters, sweatshirts, and even rompers or baby carriers are decorated with a skull emblem and no one is surprised anymore.

Wearing skull garments are considered a symbol of wisdom, good luck and rebirth

Have you noticed that pirate symbols have become very relevant recently, in particular, funny shards are increasingly flashing on clothes, shoes and accessories. Such a non-trivial trend causes an ambiguous opinion. Jolly Roger somehow does not fit in with something pleasant and cheerful. For others, such symbolism symbolizes threat and even death.

However, in other countries, the attitude towards skulls is completely different. For example, in Latin America and Mexico, wear skull garments is the main symbol of the Holy Death, which is prayed for and asked for support like any other shrine. In other countries, wear skull garments is considered a symbol of wisdom, good luck and rebirth.

Many celebrities like to wear skull garments 

Despite all the superstitions, the "hellish" symbol is very popular among fashion designers. The founder of the fashion for skulls is Alexandra McQueen, who placed "dead" symbolism on shoes and accessories. The skull was used so often in McQueen's collections that it even became a hallmark of the Alexander McQueen brand.

The leaders of Thomas Wylde went even further, making the skull the logo of their brand. By the way, many celebrities liked Thomas Wylde products, in particular, Jennifer Lopez, or Angelina Jolie wear skull garments. They were repeatedly seen in clothes with skulls.

Today you can even see the Jolly Roger wearing luxury clothes. Designers of reputable brands, not sparing their imagination, present skulls made of lace, roses, rhinestones and stones. For example, sports giant Adidas recently picked up the deadly. Such original kits look, of course, quite interesting, not only on the podium but also in real life. To know how to have a good combination, you can go to visit fashion bloggers, who know a lot about combining the most unusual things.

Online clothing store with skulls for rock metal

What made the skull garments an inseparable element of pop culture and one of the most iconic signs characteristic of the fashion world?

Among other things, that they hide a rich history and a lot of symbolic meanings that were once insignia of inevitability. "Memento mori". Nowadays we do not think about death seriously, we have the impression that it does not concern us, or at least it will not be for a long time, we do not see dead bodies, unless in movies or in computer games, but we still remember that it is lurking somewhere there. . Fashion, in turn, is an element of culture that reflects social moods, including those that are deeply hidden, and willingly arranges elements of symbolism to suit their needs.

Today, skulls owe their immense popularity primarily to the designer - Alexander McQueen , who was inspired in his work by macabre aspects of morals and outsider solutions. Pirates, witches, warriors and total extravagance guided the implementation of his fashion ideas.

It was he who transferred the motif of the skull functioning in the sphere of subcultures to the mainstream trends. In 2003, McQueen designed a scarf with a skull motif and since then the world has gone crazy about it and wear skull garments very frequently. Worship for this symbol was also picked up by stars such as Gwen Stefani, motorcycle and street gangs, whose lives were beating to the rhythm of hip-hop, as well as the world of cinema.

Like Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" who wear skull garments things or even skull tattoos - people somehow manifest their sharp individualism, mocking Kostucha for enjoying life, or vice versa - remembering that some things in life, like taxes and death, are more than certain.

Purchase of clothing with symbols of death and life

It is typical for a person to wear clothes depicting a skeleton or a skull. Creative skull jackets are suitable for everyone, regardless of movement or culture. However, depending on the mood and beliefs of the person, the prints that are depicted on clothes have their own meaning. The meaning of belief is different for everyone, but one way or another, the images carry a defining energy.

Our online clothing store offers a selection for men and women in the skull style with skulls and skeletons. In the catalog you can buy skull clothes of different models: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, other models, as well as accessories. Choosing clothes with the image of skeletons means deciding on which side you are on: you believe in the infinity of life or you frighten your enemies in a mystical way!

Online clothing store with skulls for rock metal

Online clothing store with skulls for rock metal

True clothing for rock metal and biker subcultures is made in the skull style. After all, the lifestyle of brutal people involves movement and a subtle accent in the choice of clothing items. Our online store offers a selection of men's and women's clothing with skulls and other skull elements. You can inexpensively buy clothes with a skull in the online catalog of our store - with prints of skull symbols, bones and skeletons.

Classic clothing with a skull is a sign that is understandable without words if you are going to a rock band concert or a get-together of informal friends. Men's and women's T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, bombers and windbreakers in the skull style with the image of skulls - a godsend for the true informal!


So, even after looking at several photo-bows with skulls, we can conclude that only one pirate symbol should be present in the kit. In each individual ensemble, the skull is the main accent, around which the corresponding "background" is already selected. You should not overdo it with the number of skulls, it is enough to include only one in your image.

Well, in our gallery , you can choose ideas with what to wear shoes, accessories and clothes with skulls.

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